16 Feb Designing an excellent student experience

When was the last time you tried to apply for a course at your own college?  Or, sat in reception or student services for half an hour to observe the experience students have?

The student experience is much more than the perception they may have of their teacher or trainer, or the achievement of a qualification.  It’s the end to end engagement with the College, from receiving marketing information right through to alumni.

Colleges are large and diverse organisations, however they can all benefit from reviewing and redesigning their student experience.

We suggest:

Students care about details as they show the College cares about them.

Colleges should redesign their student experience by breaking down what they currently do into stages and steps.

If every step of every stage is improved, the overall experience will be improved far more.

Every stage of the student experience needs a documented success criteria from the perspective of the student AND the College.

Colleges should identify the dependencies between stages (e.g. Marketing, Engagement, IAG, Application, Enrolment) to reduce risk.

Modelling how students move between touch points (e.g. College site, mobile web, student services call centre) is the key to creating a seamless journey and experience for them and increased enrolments for the College.

Of course, this approach and methodology works for employer experiences too.