27 Apr The 5 elements to managing successful change in FE

You may have internal or external forces leading you to define a vision for change, an area review recommendation perhaps?

1. Establishing the Vision for change is often driven by the CEO and Board – a clear statement of where they want to be. Without vision you just have confusion as people are trying to change but don’t know why.

2. The Skills of the people involved in defining and managing the change are vital, without capability a college will breed a culture of anxiety.

3. Staff involved in the change need to believe there is benefit, if they can’t, they will be resistant to truly moving from their current state to a future state.

4. People and financial resources are needed to support effective change, there is little point talking about ‘transformation’ and developing new ways of working if you’re not going to give people the tools to get there – that just leads to frustration.

5. Planning and a plan make it all happen. You can have a crystal clear vision, a supportive Board with investment and willing staff to get you to the future state, but if you cut short the planning and don’t develop a plan with who does what and when, you’ll face false starts, lack of progress and, over time, reduced enthusiasm to change.

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