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07 Apr UK PLC – don’t wait until 2017 – start strategising now!

In the world of education and skills, much has been made of the significant changes to Apprenticeships. Changes that will effect the design of the product, the increase in budget to pay for them and the decision making power when it comes to purchasing support to deliver them.

It’s apparent that there is significant variation in knowledge from those businesses paying the Apprenticeship Levy (tax) – specifically what it is and how they could benefit from it.

c.22,000 UK businesses will be in scope for paying some level of Apprenticeship Levy from April 2017, but instead of waiting for that date to arrive and then wondering how they can benefit from some of those funds, they should start to look at concepts and strategies that complement their core business now.

That could mean:

  • Looking at current recruitment of new hire – could Apprenticeships be provided to replace/enhance current recruitment practices?
  • Being aware of Apprenticeship ‘New Standards’ being developed by other businesses in the sector – reflecting on those new Apprenticeship products and their relevance to their own business.
  • Reviewing current recruitment and L&D structures and capabilities, how could this be evolved to embed Apprenticeship delivery internally?
  • Conducting a feasibility and options appraisal to tease out the financial impact and business improvement measures which could be achieved from embracing Apprenticeships.
  • Speaking to other large businesses already delivering Apprenticeships as part of their business as usual talent management.

Starting to plan now will help position each Apprenticeship Levy paying business for 2017 – designing a model of Apprenticeship delivery that suits their business in advance of paying the Levy will mean they could optimise the investment that they can make by utilising Apprenticeship funds back out of the system.