24 Feb What skills will the Apprenticeship Levy create?

The rhetoric continues. Employers in the driving seat to create standards; co-investment stimulated through the introduction of the levy; growth and targets through to 2020. That’s great. Above the line promotion and growth in Apprenticeships is a good thing.

However, when you start to tease out some of the detail and implications though, it does raise some unanswered questions, like:

If we assume that there will be increased draw on the Apprenticeship budget from those who are levy payers (which seems to be a common assumption at the moment), will the skills delivered by those 2% of employers paying the levy actually be the Apprenticeship skills the economy needs?

To put it another way, there are a very large number of SME’s who make up the employment of apprentices in construction and engineering who at the moment do not know how their future recruitment and development of apprentices will look.

If you factor in the UKCES Careers of the Future (Dec, 2014) their research identifies a wide range of jobs which are projected to grow in volume which have virtually no large employer footprint. The SME Apprenticeship offer must be clarified quickly to ensure we can provide careers to the future Farmers, Joiners, Management Consultants (nod to Optima…), Teaching Assistants, Dentists and Metal Workers. The list goes on.