04 Dec Turning vision into operations

I’ve lost count how many organisations, meetings and teams I’ve seen who have great energy and enthusiasm creating ideas or defining a vision, only to then find they cannot translate that into something tangible or well defined.

In my experience, the creation of a well polished Strategic Plan has limited impact when it comes to implementation; defining what you want to achieve, why you do what you do and what your priorities are, all good stuff, but ‘the glue’ needs to be the process and people involved in that definition piece who are actually going to do it.

So, if you want your next 3-5 years to be successful – connect your Thinking to your Planning before your Doing.

Once you’ve sorted your Mission (why you exist), define your Vision (where you want to be), and set some priorities and milestones so you know how to measure progress.

The Strategic Plan won’t come to life unless you think about your Business Plan, shorter timeframe maybe but setting out financial projections and assumptions as well as starting to identifying your enablers (People, Product/Service, Marketing, Technology etc).

When your planning process has been completed and you have a tangible Strategic Plan and Business Plan you’re then ready to allocate your resources to make it happen.

Don’t forget to ensure that people are clear about what is expected and who is responsible for what, by when!